Peck Works Last Day at Ursinus

Peck Works Last Day at Ursinus

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. – After 28 years of distinguished service to the Ursinus College Department of Athletics, Kathy Peck officially embarked on her retirement at the conclusion of her final day on Tuesday.

"Kathy Peck leaves behind a legacy of exceptional service, dedication, and friendship that will be difficult to surpass in the history of Ursinus College Athletics," said football coach Peter Gallagher, Peck's longtime workout partner.

Peck has been at the heart of Ursinus Athletics since she first came on board in 1990. As administrative coordinator, she was responsible for a wide range of departmental support and clerical activities, including managing the calendar for Director of Athletics Laura Moliken and assisting Moliken with internal and external communications. Peck coordinated travel arrangements, completed paperwork for new coaches, and kept minutes for weekly senior staff meetings.

Peck put a positive face on all athletic events, organizing and maintaining the hospitality area for conference championships and NCAA events hosted by Ursinus in addition to serving as the department's primary representative with students, parents, administrators, faculty, and other external constituents by greeting in-person guests and fielding calls and inquiries.

Additionally, Peck managed and maintained departmental budget information, executed vendor contracts, ensured payment of officals, and processed a variety of financial transactions for coaches, teams, and staff.

Peck's impact went far beyond her job description. She served as a trusted confidant, the one entrusted to answer questions of all kinds, and a friend and sounding board for coaches and staff alike.

Kathy is such a reliable, honest and loving friend," said women's lacrosse coach Katie Hagan. "She felt like my work mom. I always knew everything would be OK because I have Kathy. She cares about us on a human level and was so comforting to talk to about work, life and the happenings of the day. She has always been more than a coworker. 

"I think any 'new hire' would say that Kathy is the one who helped us on the new days, laughed with us on the good days, was always there for us on the tough days and encouraged us to shake it off and keep going. I (we) will miss her more than she will ever know."

To many, Peck simply is Ursinus, and a perfect figurehead for a collaborative and communal athletic department.

"Kathy was Ursinus athletics," said men's basketball coach Kevin Small. "Her passion inspired all of us to love our department, our school, and our teams. Kathy's thoughtfulness made our department a genuine family. In sub-Sahara Africa, the term Ubuntu means roughly that "I am because of you." Kathy's kindness and interest in our athletes, our coaches, our staff and all their many families is ultimately why we are what we are here."

"To our department, she is/was the glue," Hagan added. "She is the heartbeat of our team and the person we can most rely on to have our backs. She will always be part of the fabric of Ursinus. She is the best and we will miss her!"

With Peck off to enjoy retirement with her family, Ursinus will announce her replacement on Monday.